This family home bordering a wine estate is surrounded by spectacular views

When Matt and Victoria Bresler first visited the site of their house-to-be in the Constantia Valley, bordering Cape Town’s historic Groot Constantia wine estate, it was all because of a photograph Matt had seen in the property pages of the newspaper, which showed three palm trees and a hint of vineyard in the background, but not the house. When he got there, he suddenly understood why not. “I spent two or three minutes inside the house and an hour on the roof, just looking at the view.”

Architects Jan-Heyn Vorster and Tiaan Meyer designed the new house. Before they even considered the design of the house, Jan-Heyn and Tiaan had to gure out how to accentuate the aspects. “We went to quite a bit of trouble during the planning phase to ensure we maximised the home’s potential for views,” recalls Jan-Heyn.

The interiors essentially form another layer of the architecture, rather than functioning merely as containers for furniture. “I guess we like clean lines and Scandi stuff,” says Matt, who is quick to point out that he is by no means a minimalist. On extensive travels in his 20s and early 30s, he always filled his backpack with carefully selected artefacts, such as masks, statues and other items unique to the countries he visited. “It has been challenging – but fun – to try and balance my desire to display these hard-sought, memory-steeped items with our desire for a minimalist look,” says Matt. “I wanted to display the things that I love and feel passionate about.” He and Victoria have also collected art and artefacts on their travels together.

Source Home Journal Hong Kong


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