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A 33-year-old Rwandian artist and a car guard at the well-known Constantia Village shopping Centre is presenting his third exhibition in a series of Cape Landscapes at the shopping Centre.

He loved sketching as a child and used that passion for art as he moved from country to country capturing its beauty in his paintings.

Erick Karangwa is from Retreat and has been in the country for 10 years and loves exploring Cape Town and painting the mountains, rivers and beaches, but with only a bicycle at his disposal, his landscaping options are limited.

He first started painting in 2006 when he came to South Africa, while working as a car guard he regularly walked passed the centre’s art gallery on his breaks and was inspired by a painting done by Cape Town artist Andrew Cooper. He says: “I was in awe of this man. I wanted to paint like him and I wish I could meet him someday”.

In 2014 Karangwa got his wish and he finally met his idol Andrew Cooper and Cooper even agreed to mentor him. They now work together every week at Red the Gallery in Tokai.

Karangwa started selling his paintings for about R1000, but this year he sold one for R7000.

Karangwa tells us that he wants to improve his skills all the time and hopes that he can one day earn the respect that his idol Cooper has earn over the years and hopes that he can earn enough money that he will not need to guard cars again.

He only occasionally guards cars now, but can mostly rely on the sale of his paintings to eat, pay the rent and buy new materials to produce more artwork.

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