Bergvliet High collaborates with feeder schools on Constantia Valley mural project

projectInspired by Canadian artist, Louis Lavoie and his work on murals, Jenni Maurice-Green, Visual Art teacher at Bergvliet High School approached local feeder schools earlier this year asking them to work in collaboration with Bergvliet High School on a mural of the Constantia Valley. Janey Cogan and Claire Larkin, Art teachers at Sweet Valley Primary and Kirstenhof Primary, respectively were quick to jump on board with the project. Their grade 7s joined Bergvliet High’s grade 8 – 10 Art students in painting or colouring one of the 342 tiles which make up the mural.

Ms Maurice-Green said “None of the learners knew what the final puzzle would look like, they were simply instructed to turn their artwork into something they loved about the Constantia Valley, keeping true to the colours and shapes. As you see the final result is lovely and something I would hope even Louis Lavoie would be pleased with”.

Thanks goes to Claire Larkin, Janie Cogan and the enthusiastic young artists from the three participating schools. Also to 1UP for providing the display unit and the Blue Route Mall for allowing us the space.

The Mural will be on display on the top floor in the Blue Route Mall from 25 September 2014 to 2 October 2014.


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